Germany transferred a mobile field hospital to Ukraine

Germany transferred a mobile field hospital to Ukraine

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Rheinmetall has transferred a trailer mobile field hospital to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This was announced on the company’s official website.

The transfer of the mobile field hospital happened following the signing of a contract between Rheinmetall and the German Ministry of Defense in September 2022.

In addition to production, the contract provides for future personnel training and equipment support. The contract’s value is estimated at EUR 9 million.

The field hospital is designed for 32 beds, along with eight intensive care beds, an operating room with all sterilization means, an X-ray, tomographic equipment, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and a resting space for the medicinal warehouse.

In addition, Rheinmetall Mobile Systems will transfer two highly mobile medical support facilities. Their transfer is scheduled for late 2023 – early 2024.

The company will also ensure the transfer of vehicles for their transportation. Ten trucks carrying trailers could transport 20 medical containers.

The mobile field hospital is an independent facility and has all the necessary equipment, generators, equipment for medicines production, water supply and special decontamination mixture, toilets, etc.

The hospital is designed for rapid deployment and reuse of integrated equipment.

“We kept our word and have supplied the Ukrainian military with a major first-class field hospital at extremely short notice. The men and women of our company and those of our partners demonstrated outstanding commitment in carrying out this project. We never forgot for a single day how important a speedy delivery was. This system will hopefully save many lives in Ukraine. We are proud to be contributing our special capabilities to Rheinmetall’s support for Ukraine,” Hauke Bindzus, director of RMS, stated.

The transfer of the mobile hospital was executed in two stages: first, ten Ukrainian soldiers underwent a 14-day training course for its deployment and operation, and then, an official transfer occurred in a certain place.

Militarnyi previously reported that the Federal Government of Germany requested Rheinmetall to transfer an additional number of Marder IFVs to Ukraine.

This regards 40 additional Marder 1А3 IFV. The German government placed an order in August 2023. Its exact cost was not announced, but a double-digit number of millions of euros is noted.

Europe Germany Humanitarian aid Medicine War with Russia World Україна