Grid protected the AS-90 from the Russian Lancet

Grid protected the AS-90 from the Russian Lancet

Artillery Fortification UAV Ukraine War with Russia

The protective net at the prepared defensive position protected the Ukrainian AS-90 ACS from the impact of the Russian Lancet barrage ammunition.

Khorne group Telegram channel released footage from the Russian drone and the results of the strike.

The Russian military published a video showing the detection of a Ukrainian AS-90 after a combat mission and its alleged strike by a Lancet attack drone. However, this turned out to be untrue.

The Russian drone hit a hole between the wooden shelter pillars, which was additionally reinforced with anti-drone nets.

The nets stopped it and saved the self-propelled gun from defeat and probable destruction.

The protective position for the Ukrainian self-propelled vehicle is quite high quality: it is a full-size caponier over 3 meters high, which makes it possible to completely hide the ACSs from close artillery explosions.

The fortification is covered with pine beams in a single roll, additionally reinforced with nets and well camouflaged from reconnaissance drones.

Accordingly, such a structure allows disguising the self-propelled gun after completing the combat mission from counter-battery fire, drops from drones, and barrage ammunition.

Anti-Drone Protection

Ukrainian enterprises have been producing and supplying metal structures to Ukrainian units for a long time to protect against Russian attack drones.

The protective structure is a mobile shelter 10 meters long, five meters wide, and five meters high, weighing about a ton. It consists of a steel frame and a camouflaged metal mesh stretched over it.

The structures are universal, as they can be used to disguise and protect most models of equipment in combat positions, namely self-propelled artillery installations, tanks, and vehicles for transporting people.

The first samples of the “Lancet catchers” at the front proved to be a reliable tool that stops enemy drones and protects equipment.

Artillery Fortification UAV Ukraine War with Russia