Heckler&Koch to produce weapons in Soviet calibers

Heckler&Koch to produce weapons in Soviet calibers

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Heckler&Koch, a German manufacturer of small arms, will produce rifle models adapted to Soviet-type ammunition.

Welt reported on this with reference to the company.

Based on the experience of the war in Ukraine and the needs of the arms market, Heckler & Koch wants to start producing weapons of Soviet calibers in the medium and long term.

An H&K spokesperson confirmed the company’s plans, announcing its intention to produce assault rifles and machine guns “for Kalashnikov and other calibers of the former Warsaw Pact.” However, the detailed caliber range was not announced.

Soviet calibers traditionally mean the world’s common 5.45x39mm, 7.62x39mm automatic cartridges, and 7.62x54mm machine guns.

H&K already has prototypes of the Soviet-type caliber HK433 rifle, namely HK132E chambered for 7.62x39mm. However, they are still not serially produced.

Штурмова гвинтівка HK132 у радянському калібрі 7,62х39. Фото: Heckler & Koch

In a conversation with journalists, the H&K spokesperson referred to the experience of Ukrainian special forces, which revealed a serious need for modern weapons to match the calibers of the former Warsaw Pact countries.

“There are appropriate needs, so conceptual studies have already started,” the speaker said. There are development projects, but there is no production yet.

Recently, Heckler & Koch announced that almost the entire range of its small arms is used in Ukraine thanks to supplies from Germany and other NATO countries. In particular, this regards SFP9 pistols and MG5 machine guns.


Along with entering new markets, Heckler & Koch also recently started supplying the ranks of the special units of the Bundeswehr with silent rifles in the new caliber .300 Blackout.

In February 2024, the German Ministry of Defense signed a contract with the company to supply HK437 special rifles. They are intended for use by special forces at short distances of up to 200 meters. Together with a silencer, it provides low-noise shots.

The German Special Operations Forces will receive the rifle in a 9-inch (229 mm) version and with an A-TEC silencer.

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