House by house: a video of clearing a seized building in the Kharkiv region was published

House by house: a video of clearing a seized building in the Kharkiv region was published

Kharkiv region Russian aggression Ukraine War with Russia

A video of the clearing of a house seized by Russian invaders in the Kharkiv region has been published.

Militarnyi reports on this.

The video was posted on X ( formerly Twitter), a participant in the 2014-2015 Ukrainian military operations and now a software engineer who currently works in Texas and supplies drones to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, under the name ✙ Constantine ✙ (@Teoyaomiquu).

The footage captures a group of Ukrainian soldiers surrounding a house seized by Russians and forcing them to surrender. The soldiers are also helping the wounded Russian invaders.

The network has already established the geolocation of these events from the video of the house clearing. OSINT volunteer EjShahid published the coordinates on social network X (formerly Twitter): 50.252566, 36.402520.

The site is located west of the village of Hlyboke, Kharkiv region.

Yuriy Butusov, editor-in-chief of Censor.NET, reported the details of this battle:

“In the village of Hlyboke, soldiers of the 92nd Assault Brigade destroyed a group of Russian special forces. During the counterattack, two Russians were taken prisoner,” Butusov wrote on his Facebook page.

Надання допомоги пораненому окупанту бійцем 92 оШБр

That is, the Russian military was captured by soldiers of the 92nd Ivan Sirko Assault Brigade, which has repeatedly proved itself in battles and was at the forefront of the liberation of the Kharkiv region from occupation in 2022.

These events took place in the direction of the village of Lyptsi, where all Russian attacks were repelled. Other units are also operating there:

“In the same area, soldiers of the 13th “Khartia” Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine fought off an attack by a Russian assault group that had approached the position. At the decisive moment of the battle, our soldier shot two Russian soldiers who were leading the group at close range. The Russians began to retreat under the accurate fire of the Ukrainian soldiers and found themselves under attack by drones of the Hostri Kartuzy unit of the National Guard of Ukraine. About twenty Russian servicemen were killed,” Butusov wrote.

He also adds that there is no Russian advance near Lyptsi.

“Ukrainian troops have significantly intensified their attacks on the enemy in this section of the frontline and are gradually seizing the tactical initiative,” he stated.

Kharkiv region Russian aggression Ukraine War with Russia