Hundreds of volunteers have expressed a desire to join the Ukrainian Legion

Hundreds of volunteers have expressed a desire to join the Ukrainian Legion

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Hundreds of Ukrainians living in the European Union have already expressed a desire to join the Ukrainian Legion.

Polish correspondents of RMF24, who received information from Ukrainian diplomatic missions, reported on this.

The creation of the Ukrainian Legion is provided for in the bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and Poland.

Citizens of Ukraine residing in Poland or elsewhere will be able to enroll and undergo training in the unit, with the possibility of joining the Ukrainian Defense Forces under contract.

According to modest estimates, the project will be able to attract several thousand Ukrainians currently living in Europe.

The journalists also learned that work is underway to involve other European countries in supporting this project, for example, to finance the cost of equipment and training.

Poland will try to convince its partners that this is another form of investment in European security and should be supported.

Previously, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Rustem Umierov stated that the volunteers would receive state-of-the-art training from allies from Poland, Lithuania, and other EU countries.

“The Legion will be equipped with the best equipment from our international partners, which will increase its effectiveness on the battlefield,” added Rustem Umierov.

According to Rustem Umierov, this initiative demonstrates the unwavering support and solidarity of our European partners, as well as their readiness to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine.

Рустем Умєров. Фото: hromadske.ua

“We call on all Ukrainians in Europe to join the Ukrainian Legion. Your contribution is invaluable in our fight for freedom and independence. Every step you take brings us closer to victory,” the minister said.

As of January 2024, about 4.3 million Ukrainians live in the EU countries. About 860 thousand of them are adult men, according to the Eurostat database.

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