In France, the building of a new gunpowder production line is started

In France, the building of a new gunpowder production line is started

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In the French city of Bergerac, the building of a new line for the production of gunpowder for the needs of the EU and Ukraine has begun.

French President Emmanuel Macron took part in the starting of the construction ceremony.

The new production line of the plant should begin work in early 2025, and almost immediately the first “fruits” of its production should be received by the Ukrainian army. The plant was created during the First World War, and since 2023 it has again become strategic for the French state and, in addition, for the entire European military industry.

French manufacturers expect to produce 1,200 tons of gunpowder for shells per year.

In addition, the president on the spot met with nine leaders of the French defense sector enterprises.

Президент Франції оглядає виробничі лінії порохового заводу у місті Бержерак. Квітень 2024. Франція. Фото: www.rfi.fr

Macron called on them to make “long-term efforts” of weapon and ammunition production as much as possible.

“We have begun long-term geopolitical and geostrategic changes, in which the defense industry will play an increasingly important role,” the French president said.

The Bergerac plant is owned by the French group EURENCO. The group’s enterprises also produce modular propellant charges for 155mm artillery shells.

EURENCO CEO Thierry Francu, before congratulating Macron, confirmed the financial well-being of the company.

“In 2019, our sales amounted up to 190 million euros, and by 2024 will exceed 500 million euros. Our staff will grow from 900 to 1,400 people. We are investing heavily in our businesses in Belgium, Sweden, France and the United States,” the group’s top manager said.

As previously reported, recently it became known that the Eurenco group will invest €500 million in the production of gunpowder at its plants in Europe.

Investment in production will be given to facilities in the French commune of Sorgue and the city of Bergerac, in the Swedish city of Karlskoga and the Belgian commune of Clermont.

Ammunition Europe France Production of ammunition World