In the Czech Republic, approximately 40 million euros have been donated for weapons for Ukraine

In the Czech Republic, approximately 40 million euros have been donated for weapons for Ukraine

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Almost one billion Czech korunas were donated to Ukraine at the special account of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic.

Militarnyi informs about it.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian embassy announced that it had already received 977 million Czech korunas, which equals approximately 40 million euros, writes “European Pravda” with reference to iRozhlas.

Contributions were made by 115,000 donors.

The co-coordinated campaign of the Embassy and the Czech government was launched on March 5th. The funds are being received at a special Embassy account, and representatives of the Czech Ministry of Defense would be assisting in purchasing the necessary weapons.

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It is noted that most of the money is being used immediately, as soon as it lands in the account.

“We mostly purchase from the Czech manufacturers, but in general – all around the world,” said Tomasz Kopecny, Deputy Minister of Defense. According to him, bureaucratic procedures have now been minimized. “What used to take ten days is now done in a few hours,” he said.

The largest donor was the company Lista CZ, which transferred 100 million korunas to Ukraine. The second-largest donor is Jablotron, with a contribution of 50 million korunas. Large contributions were also made by Metrostav, Remedis, Citfin, LD Seating, Isolit-Bravo, Panflex, Agropodnik Mašovice, and the GEO Group.

The Embassy of Ukraine noted that this is not a complete list of large donors, and the donor data is being disclosed only with their consent.

It is noted that the Czech government has offered an additional incentive for the companies that donate funds for the weapons for Ukraine, and offered tax reductions.

Yevhen Perebyinis, Ambassador of Ukraine, had also thanked the regional and local authorities for caring for Ukrainians who have taken refuge in the Czech Republic, for the humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and for their donations for arms.

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Previously, Ukraine has called on the Czech Republic and Slovakia to assist in repairing the military equipment.

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