In the U.S. propose to designate Ukraine as a “NATO Plus” country

In the U.S. propose to designate Ukraine as a “NATO Plus” country

Congress Congressman Ukraine Ukraine - USA Ukraine-NATO

United States Congressmen propose to designate Ukraine as a “NATO Plus” country.

About it writes “Voice of America.”

A group of Republican congressmen intends to introduce a legislation.

Its authors note that this will significantly increase the financing of military aid for Ukraine.

“Diplomacy has little chance of success unless approached from a position of strength,” said the main apologist of the legislation Rep. McCaul.

This initiative will provide Ukraine with the military and diplomatic support it needs in the conditions of increasing Russian military power near the borders.

”Vladimir Putin must take note that Congress will not stand for the reconstitution of Russia’s sphere of influence nor the abandonment of Ukraine and our other NATO allies and partners in Central and Eastern Europe.” he added.

The legislation defines Ukraine as a “NATO Plus” country, which would provide speedy consideration of issues on the sale of some American defense products and services.

The document rejects Russia’s proposal to introduce a moratorium on the deployment of intermediate-range ground-launched missiles in Europe and requires the United States to officially designate Russia as a sponsoring country for terrorism.

In late December, the Administration of the President of the United States quietly authorized the allocation of additional security aid to Ukraine for 200 million dollars.

The new aid package included the same defense weapons that the United States had provided to Ukraine before, including lethal weapons. In particular, we are talking about small arms and ammunition, secure radios, medical equipment, spare parts and other equipment.

In December, President of the United States Joe Biden approved an increase in security assistance to Ukraine to $300 million. He signed the Defense Budget Act passed by the US Congress for 2022.

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Congress Congressman Ukraine Ukraine - USA Ukraine-NATO