Invaders equip seized training ground in the area of the Sea of Azov

Invaders equip seized training ground in the area of the Sea of Azov

Russia Russian aggression Sea of Azov Ukraine

Invaders equip the seized training ground of the former air defense training division on the Azov Sea.

“First Zaporizhzhia” published the changes in satellite images.

They refer to the training ground between the villages of Novopetrivka and Kulykivske, Berdyansk district.

The photos show changes throughout the area, where earthworks are underway and training sites are being set up.

The video shows section 1 of the training ground until 0:26, and the second part of the video shows section 2, where earthworks and construction work are underway.

Полігон біля Бердянська

Since the Defense Forces are aware of the invaders’ intentions to expand their activities there, it is regularly hit, but the enemy continues to operate there.

After its capture in 2022, it almost immediately became a training ground for the invasion forces.

The territory itself is the former 64th Training Division of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It trained personnel to operate anti-aircraft systems and vehicles such as Strela-10, S-60 with AZP-57 live fire, ZU-23-4 Shilka, and others.

Стрільби ЗРК "Стрела-10" на полігоні

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the military unit was disbanded, and assets and infrastructure collapsed.

Зенітні артилерійські установки ЗУ-23-4 "Шилка" та АЗП-57

Everything changed with the beginning of the Russian aggression in 2014, and since then, the training ground has been used by the Ukrainian Defense Forces to coordinate and restore combat units.

In particular, the Azov regiment has set up its training ground here, where it has built an obstacle course, shooting directives, and tank range, where crews of combat vehicles hone their practical skills.

In March 2022, the Russian invasion forces captured the territory and still use it for their needs.

Russia Russian aggression Sea of Azov Ukraine