Israeli early-warning radar system to start working in Kyiv soon

Israeli early-warning radar system to start working in Kyiv soon

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The Israeli early-warning radar system will soon be fully operational in Kyiv.

Yevhen Korniichuk, Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel, announced this in response to a request from the BZh publication.

This system will be able to predict and notify where enemy missiles or drones are aimed.

“After overcoming all technical issues, we started testing the system elements in Kyiv. Our specialists, in cooperation with the Israeli side, have done an incredibly hard job, and we hope that the system will be fully operational in Kyiv in the near future,” Korniichuk said.

According to him, “This regards exclusively a software product. It is a system that can accurately predict where a particular threat from the air is aimed. It has nothing to do with air defense and cannot technically have anything to do with it.”

When asked whether there are plans to install a similar system in other cities of Ukraine, the Ambassador replied that currently, only Kyiv is implementing a pilot project. Funds are needed to expand it to other cities.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we are talking about Kyiv as a pilot project. If everything goes well and we can find the necessary funds, the system can be scaled up and installed in other cities of Ukraine.”

In June, Militarnyi reported that the Ukrainian and Israeli military were working together on the territory of Poland to implement an early-warning radar system in Ukraine. It is expected that the Israeli system will allow air warning sirens to be activated more quickly and only in places where there is a real danger of missile fire or an attack by enemy drones.

Early-warning radar system

Previously, Yevhen Korniichuk, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel, noted that this is the Red Color alert system, also known as Tzeva Adom, which has long been used in Israel. It has been specially adapted to Ukrainian realities.

The Tzeva Adom alert system is designed to detect missiles and drones. The trajectory of the movement is tracked with the radars that monitor the airspace in the direction of the territories from which shelling is usually carried out. The system also calculates the time of approach, and the siren gives a special signal that indicates how many minutes/seconds people have to hide.

One of the significant advantages of this system is its ability to calculate a relatively precise time and place of impact for launched missiles, which allows the area of operation of the warning system to be localized to a specific city.

However, the operating conditions and capabilities of this system in Ukraine will differ because of the specifics of the weapon used by Russia against Ukraine.

Cooperation Israel Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia World