Italy to help training the Ukrainian military

Italy to help training the Ukrainian military

EU Europe Italy Military assistance Training Ukraine War with Russia World

Italy will train the Ukrainian military in its training centers and military institutions.

The country will also take part in EU training programs for Ukraine.

The ANSA news agency reports, citing Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto.

According to the minister, the Italian defense department is currently considering the possibility of participating in the European initiative to train Ukrainian servicemen “with the direction of its staff to the command in Brussels, Poland and Germany”.

“Also, Italy can offer specialized training modules that will be held in schools and military installations on our national territory,” Crosetto said.

As previously reported, in March a group of Ukrainian military personnel completed training on the operation of SAMP/T SAMs which was held in Italy.

This anti-aircraft missile system is transferred to Ukraine jointly by Italy and France.

It is reported that a group of about 20 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine passed the training program in mastering the SAMP/T SAM.

On February 5, the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that the future crews of the SAMP/T air defense system of the Ukrainian Air Force were already on their way to undergo training in Europe.

And two days before that, on February 3, 2023, it became known that France and Italy had finalized the decision to send the SAMP/T anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine.

Besides, Italy has already transferred dozens of 155-mm M109L self-propelled howitzers. Italian media reported on the transfer of these self-propelled howitzers to the Defense Forces of Ukraine last year.

As noted, the M109 self-propelled howitzers, which Italy gave to Ukraine, had been repaired with American funding.

EU Europe Italy Military assistance Training Ukraine War with Russia World