“Kept Like Cattle”: Russian Soldiers Shown in Deplorable Cellars

“Kept Like Cattle”: Russian Soldiers Shown in Deplorable Cellars

Russian Armed Forces Ukraine War with Russia

The Russians have released footage of the terrible conditions in which the invasion army command is holding its military servicemen, including seriously wounded soldiers.

The video was posted by Russian invader Yegor Guzenko, also known by the call sign “Thirteenth”.

The invaders showed one of the basements in the occupied Donetsk region where Russian officers are keeping in custody their own military who have offended the command.

According to the source, there are many wounded and disabled people without limbs among the invaders “held in terrible conditions.”

“They are treating everyone like cattle: the wounded, the untreated, the conscripts, the contract soldiers. For what? For sending some major f*cker Kovalev, or for being persecuted and turned into crippled regiments? Do you know why? Because there aren’t enough people!” complains invader Guzenko, who is fighting for the “Russian world.”

The video shows a dirty and damp basement room without windows, where an unnamed number of Russian soldiers are kept. Some of them are actually missing limbs or lying with injuries.

The author of the video calls the room where the Russian military is being held “pigsty.” Improvised beds made of wooden pallets and covered with rags are fenced with bars.

He blames the lawlessness on the 1st Slavic Brigade (1st Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces, military unit #08801), which was formed by Russia in the occupied territories in 2014. Presumably, it is this brigade that is responsible for this facility.

In his message, Guzenko stated that all information about the places of detention, along with their coordinates, was transferred to the Russian military prosecutor, and to “employees of the department that will turn the responsible inside out.”

He also noted that this is not the only video from such places, hinting that if the problems are ignored, they will also be made public.

This is not the first time that the Russian military has complained about the existence of such places for detaining troublemakers or those who are in trouble with the command. Earlier, ASTRA reported that it had found 15 such facilities in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

According to their information, these “basements” operate illegally, as Russian servicemen should be sent to the brig only after a detention report is drawn up. In these cases, no reports are made, and such facilities are not permitted to be located in basements.

Russian Armed Forces Ukraine War with Russia