Kharkiv Armor Plant upgraded the T-64BVK commander’s tank

Kharkiv Armor Plant upgraded the T-64BVK commander’s tank

Armor Kharkiv Armor Plant T-64 Tank Ukraine Ukroboronprom Upgrade

For the first time, the Ukrainian enterprise Kharkiv Armor Plant has carried out a deep upgrade of the T-64BVK commander’s tank, reports Militarnyi with the reference to Ukroboronprom.

The updated tank has successfully passed all standard tests. A television system for monitoring the surrounding space of the rear hemisphere, the latest satellite navigation equipment and a commander’s turret with a 12.7 mm NSVT machine gun were installed.

Illumination devices, a radio station, intercom and switching equipment, front ejection panels, etc. were also replaced.

The upgraded tank received an additional filter for rough cleaning of the fuel system of the boiler-heater, additional surveillance camera for the commander with a detection range of up to 2000 m, enhanced protection of the NSVT machine gun and fuel tanks, rear-view mirrors, front rubber screens and a number of other improvements.

At the same time, the plant’s employees are carrying out similar work with a batch of T-64BV tanks.

Український модернізований командирський танк Т-64БВК. Листопад 2021. Фото: ДК «Укроборонпром»

Modernization of the commander’s tank is extremely important, as it is necessary not only to significantly improve the existing characteristics, but also to create all the appropriate conditions for effective command and control of the unit in all weather conditions and at any time of day.

We remind, that in May, 2021 SE “Kharkiv Armor Plant” shipped the Armed Forces of Ukraine the fighting vehicles which passed capital repairs with elements of deep modernization.

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Armor Kharkiv Armor Plant T-64 Tank Ukraine Ukroboronprom Upgrade