Kharkiv Aviation Plant specialists refurbishing a damaged Egyptian An-74T-200A

Kharkiv Aviation Plant specialists refurbishing a damaged Egyptian An-74T-200A


Kharkiv Aviation Plant specialists are refurbishing damaged An-74T-200A aircraft belonging to Egypt, reports Militarnyi.

Kharkiv Aviation Plant maintenance party is currently working in Egypt. An-74T-200A was damaged during a landing accident according to Kharkiv Aviation Plant official Facebook page.

The landing accident took place in December 2016 resulting in severe damage to the aircraft, especially the landing gear and nose and lower fuselage sections.

Maintenance party from Kharkiv started refurbishing the damaged aircraft back in 2018. Five stages of refurbishing had been finalized until the contract was terminated. In the summer of 2021 the contract was extended.

Since then Kharkiv Aviation Plant already sent three deliveries of components to Egypt.

Early in October the first party of eleven specialists arrived in Egypt to commence the final sixth stage of aircraft refurbishing.

At the moment the party is assembling rescue and special equipment and tests the electrical system of the aircraft. Temporary scaffolding was removed from the aircraft empennage after the airframe alignment finalization. Fuel system underwent pressurization check, including wing and wing center section integral fuel tanks.

Second party consisting of six specialists of the control and test facility will arrive in Egypt on November 19, 2021.

Kharkiv Aviation Plant is going to phase out all import components of An-74 aircraft.

The second party will perform instrumental inspection of the aircraft systems, will do power on checks of all aircraft systems and do the D-36 engines test start, – informs Kharkiv Aviation Plant press-service.

The An-74T-200A then will be prepared for a following test flight in cooperation with Egyptian staff.

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