Latvia Hands Over Communication Equipment to Ukraine

Latvia Hands Over Communication Equipment to Ukraine

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The Latvian government donated communications equipment to Ukraine for use on the front lines.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced this.

The equipment was transferred within the framework of the IT Coalition, chaired by Estonia and Luxembourg.

The cost of this assistance is estimated at €100,000. It will help improve communication between the military at the tactical level.

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“Thanks to our partners, we continue to meet the needs of our units at the tactical level. A new batch of equipment from Latvia will help establish communication on the front lines. I am grateful to our allies for their timely support,” stated Kateryna Chernohorenko, Deputy Minister of Defense for Digital Transformation.

Previously, Latvia had already donated relevant equipment as part of the IT Coalition. Those were laptops for modernizing logistics processes and deploying an SAP-based system.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Latvia, this is the last batch of critically important equipment that combat units on the front lines are in great need of.

“Our military assistance to Ukraine this year and for the next two years will amount to 0.25% of GDP. In addition, we are transferring various types of weapons to the Ukrainian army, including drones, artillery and air defense systems,” stated Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds.

The IT Coalition was formed to provide Ukraine with the necessary equipment to help speed up communications and cyber defense, as well as improve access to communication on the front lines.

Militarnyi previously reported that in early April 2024, the Latvian government approved a new comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine.

The new financial package is aimed at two sectors: with funds to be used both to rebuild Ukraine and to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It regards a total €10 million financial package.

Europe Latvia Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia World