Latvia will assist Ukraine in demining

Latvia will assist Ukraine in demining

Baltic States Cooperation Europe Latvia Ukraine War with Russia

Sappers from Latvia will be assisting Ukraine in demining and neutralizing the explosive devices.

Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks announced this.

Yesterday, May 11, it was announced that Latvia will send its specialists to Ukraine to help dispose of unexploded ammunition and mines.

Latvia also calls on other countries to join the initiative and assist Ukraine in demining.

“We plan to send specialists to Ukraine to neutralize explosive devices in the liberated territories.

This would be an opportunity to rebuild the destroyed cities as soon as possible! I invite other countries to join us in Brussels next week!” the minister wrote on Twitter.

It was previously reported that on Friday, April 29, after a meeting of the National Defense Council, Kristian Jaani, Minister of the Interior touched upon Estonia sending the demining team.

A five-man rotating team along with three vehicles will be arriving in Ukraine and will be assisting the Ukrainian colleagues.

The Minister of the Interior mentioned that Estonian specialists will be helping in the areas where there is an excessive amount of the leftover mines and unexploded ordnance, yet there are no active hostilities ongoing.

Previously, it was announced that Latvia will be sending the converted ATVs to Ukraine to use in the difficult terrain.

Українські військові на латвійських квадроциклах. Фото: LV-Teh

It is expected that this light equipment will be used for rapid movement in combat zones.

The equipment is needed so that reconnaissance and anti-tank groups have the opportunity to move dynamically through difficult terrain – swamps, forests, and wetlands.

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Baltic States Cooperation Europe Latvia Ukraine War with Russia