Lithuania seeks to withdraw from the cluster munitions convention

Lithuania seeks to withdraw from the cluster munitions convention

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Lithuania seeks to withdraw from the cluster munitions convention.

Soldat und technik reported on this.

The Lithuanian government approved considering withdrawing from the cluster munitions convention as part of a proposal from the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense emphasizes the importance of withdrawing from this agreement, as the security situation in Europe is very unstable.

In addition, the Ministry noted that Russia did not sign this agreement and is actively using cluster munitions in Ukraine, which poses a threat to countries that have refused to use them.

The convention was overall signed by 124 states, of which 112 have ratified it, including Lithuania.

Nevertheless, apart from Russia, countries such as the United States, China, India, Israel, Poland, and some post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine, Estonia, and Latvia, have not signed the agreement.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense notes that cluster munitions are now one of the most effective means of defending large areas, reducing logistical efforts and costs by half compared to conventional ammunition.

Касетний авіаційний боєприпас CBU-97/CBU-105.

In addition, such ammunition makes it possible to mine a large area in a short time to conduct effective defense actions on the border.

Lithuania shares a common border with Russia, and this issue is very relevant for the country’s armed forces today.

Militarnyi previously reported that cluster munitions have demonstrated their high efficiency in destroying enemy assault groups and shelling positions.

In June 2024, soldiers of the 68th Jaeger Brigade “Oleksa Dovbush” stopped a mechanized assault in the Pokrovsk sector.

According to the characteristic explosions, cluster munitions were used to destroy Russian manpower and armored vehicles.

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