Lithuania to allocate almost €10 million for rehabilitation of Ukrainian military

Lithuania to allocate almost €10 million for rehabilitation of Ukrainian military

Baltic States Humanitarian aid Lithuania Ukraine

The Lithuanian government will allocate almost €10 million for the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers.

The relevant statement was published on the Lithuanian government’s website.

The funds from the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Fund are intended to implement three projects.

The areas of funding include the reconstruction of the Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation Center at Dnipro State University and the reconstruction of the Neskoreni Rehabilitation Center in the village of Briukhovychi.

In addition, the Lithuanian government will allocate funds to strengthen institutions and organizations working in the field of rehabilitation and reintegration in Ukraine.

Militarnyi previously reported that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has launched a pilot project to rehabilitate military personnel.

The project’s main task is to create an effective rehabilitation space with the participation of civilian and military healthcare facilities, social services, and local governments.

Priority tasks include unification of standards and protocols, end-to-end monitoring, and control of results.

The reform process also involves the formation of the so-called effective patient route.

Such a route will be based on the prognosis of their further treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the determination of a specialized institution in accordance with the characteristics of their injuries and diseases.

It was also reported that five rehabilitation hospitals are to be equipped in Ukraine with the financial support of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The project is funded under the Recovery program.

Repair work is already underway at one of the hospitals in the Kyiv region.

Baltic States Humanitarian aid Lithuania Ukraine