Lithuania will transfer Amber-1800 radars to Ukraine

Lithuania will transfer Amber-1800 radars to Ukraine

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Lithuania will acquire Amber-1800 radars for the Ukrainian army with a detection range of up to 400 kilometers.

This was announced by Boris Pistorius, German Defense Minister.

According to the German Minister of Defense, Lithuania will join the so-called Air Defense Coalition, which is aimed at strengthening Ukrainian air defense, and will provide 6 Amber-1800 radars.

In addition to the number of systems planned for transfer, no other details were announced, in particular the timing of the delivery of weapons to Ukraine.

Radars are produced by the Lithuanian company Altimus-tech (formerly LiTak-Tak).

It is known that during 2022-2023, Altimus-tech had problems with obtaining export licenses due to the decision of the government commission to verify strategic operations. However, it seems that the claims against the company were withdrawn.


Amber-1800 is a ground-based VHF-band mobile radar developed by Altimus-tech. It is designed for automatic detection of air objects, their coordinates in azimuth and range.

The radar consists of two elements:

  • vehicle No. 1 – hardware cabin with main electronic equipment;
  • vehicle No. 2 is an automobile platform with an alignment system, carrying an antenna and a deployment system, an antenna-feeder system, and two power generators.

Detection of aerial objects depends on numerous parameters, such as an altitude, radar cross-section and radiation power of the radar.

Depending on the power (8 kW/10 kW/30 kW) at different altitudes, the Amber-1800 is able to detect targets:

  • at an altitude 100 m – 30 km/33 km/46 km
  • at an altitude 500 m – 60 km/69 km/93 km
  • at an altitude 1000 m – 70 km/81 km/108 km
  • at altitude 3000 m – 110 km/122 km/170 km
  • at altitude 10000 m – 300 km/360 km/400 km

Air Defense Europe Lithuania Military assistance Radar Ukraine World