Lithuanian volunteers purchased tactical radars for Ukraine

Lithuanian volunteers purchased tactical radars for Ukraine

Lithuania Military assistance Radar Ukraine Volunteers

The Lithuanian Blue/Yellow Foundation purchased tactical radars for Ukraine and started training the Ukrainian military to use them.

Lithuanian media Delfi reported this.

14 million euros to purchase RADA ieMHR compact tactical radars were raised in the fundraising campaign.

According to Jonas Ohmans, Head of Blue/Yellow, volunteers will buy 16 radars that will first arrive in Lithuania, and from there, they will be shipped to Ukraine in several batches.

14 Ukrainian soldiers have already arrived in Lithuania for training. On Tuesday, March 14, they started the four-day training course to properly operate the radar.

The training course will last four days: two will focus on theoretical classes in classrooms, and two will include practical work.

“We started the course on Monday. Theoretical lectures are planned for the first two days, which are now taking place in the audience. In the next two days, we will go to the field, and there, we will try to work with the radar in practice,” said Captain Donatas Kulokas, course coordinator and commander of the Lithuanian Air Force Monitoring and Control Directorate.

The number of groups of the Ukrainian military to arrive for training in Lithuania has not yet been reported.

Jonas Ohmans mentioned that all radars are planned to be received within a few months, and the first ones are due to arrive in Ukraine in the near future. All purchased radars are Israeli-made, he said.

“It is very important to emphasize that previously, Israel did not sell this technology to anyone if we talk about assisting Ukraine, but we managed to agree on this through the Lithuanian government,” Ohmans said.


Although volunteers did not advertise the name of the ordered radar systems, Militarnyi managed to identify them as RADA ieMHR.

ieMHR is a tactical three-dimensional (3D) radar manufactured by the Israeli company RADA, which is capable of detecting stealth targets in the scanning zone. It provides the system operator with information on the position and height of the detected objects.

The radar can effectively operate in conditions of active use of electronic interference.

The advantages declared by the manufacturer are:

  • the ability to effectively detect small objects;
  • 360 ° view by azimuth and the entire upper hemisphere – the full cover of the dome;
  • detection of targets with a radar reflection area of 0.005 m² at a distance of up to 10 km.

The radar can also be used in counter-battery warfare to detect the direction of enemy artillery fire. It can detect artillery systems fire at a distance of up to 12 kilometers.

Lithuania Military assistance Radar Ukraine Volunteers