Lockheed Martin to produce ATACMS missiles for $226 million

Lockheed Martin to produce ATACMS missiles for $226 million

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Lockheed Martin Corporation has been awarded a contract to manufacture long-range ATACMS missiles.

The U.S. Department of Defense has allocated $226,850,000 to produce these missiles.

“The $226 million ATACMS production contract is designed to support international orders,” the corporation reported.

The new Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) will be produced to supply Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Morocco.

The contract states that the work should be completed by December 30, 2028.

They will be replaced in the US Army in the coming years by a new generation of weapons of this class – PrSM missiles.

In all cases, the new agreement refers to users of the American M142 HIMARS wheeled missile systems.

In 2023, the United States approved the potential sale of HIMARS systems and ATACMS missiles to Morocco.

The Moroccan Armed Forces are to receive 18 launchers of the M142 HIMARS highly mobile artillery missile system. The country is also being provided with 40 M57 ATACMS army tactical missile systems, which can hit targets at 300 kilometers.

In the same year, the United States approved the sale of M142 HIMARS missile systems and tactical ballistic missiles to Latvia.

Estonia has ordered M142 High Mobility Artillery Missile Systems from the United States in 2022.

Lithuania has ordered eight M142 HIMARS launchers from the United States. They will be delivered along with several types of missiles, including Lockheed Martin’s M57 ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles.

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