M2 Bradley Survived Hit by Russian FPV drone

M2 Bradley Survived Hit by Russian FPV drone

Armored vehicles IFV UAV Ukraine War with Russia

An M2 Bradley ODS SA infantry fighting vehicle of the Ukrainian 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade has survived an enemy FPV drone strike, as reported by the brigade’s press service.

“On the video, you can see how the IFV operates against enemy infantry. Already on the way back, the FPV drone hits the vehicle. As you can see, the crew did not even feel this and continued moving,” the Brigade states.

The FPV drone hit the Bradley in the front projection, but the combat vehicle did not stop and continued to move.

It is also noticeable that the combat vehicle is equipped with Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles.

In addition, the published footage shows how the combat vehicle operates against the invaders with the M242 Bushmaster 25mm automatic cannon.

The press service of the brigade added that the U.S. Army no longer uses this Bradley variant, and thousands of such combat vehicles are stored in depots.

Militarnyi reported in March 2024, that the dynamic protection of the M2A2 Bradley ODS SA infantry fighting vehicle was able to withstand a direct hit by a Russian anti-tank missile.

The Russians fired two anti-tank missiles at the combat vehicle, one missile merely touching, hitting the reactive armor of the turret, and the other hitting the side.

47th Brigade`s Bradley IFV combat engagement

Militarnyi reported on June 7 that the crew of the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle of the 47th Mechanized Brigade shot down an enemy armored personnel carrier with infantry at close range.

The event took place in the Pokrovsk direction, where an enemy BTR-82A with troops on board was able to break through to a settlement. The Bradley crew immediately advanced to intercept it.

The footage shows how 25mm projectiles fired from the M242 Bushmaster gun hits the hull of the enemy APC, in particular the place where the enemy squad was located.

At one moment, Bradley and the BTR-82A narrowly avoided collision, leaving mere meters between the combat vehicles.

Armored vehicles IFV UAV Ukraine War with Russia