Missile attack on Ukraine. The Russian Federation has already launched about 100 missiles – the Ukrainian Air Force

Missile attack on Ukraine. The Russian Federation has already launched about 100 missiles – the Ukrainian Air Force

Air Defense Ukraine War with Russia

A massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine continues.

Currently, it is known that the Russian Federation has already launched about 100 missiles, some of which were shot down by air defense forces.

This was announced by the spokesman of the Air Force Command Yuriy Ihnat on the air of the national telethon.

“This is a massive missile attack. Critical infrastructure facilities are the first target. But, unfortunately, missiles also hit residential buildings,” Ihnat said.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the invaders launched Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles.

Volodymyr Zelensky clarified that approximately 85 missiles were fired at the energy infrastructure, and there may be about 20 more strikes.

Residential buildings were hit in Kyiv. Rescuers and medics are working on the spot.

One death is reported.

Ukrenergo reports on emergency power outages throughout Ukraine.

“The attack is still ongoing, we cannot yet name the full extent of the damage, there are “arrivals” in our infrastructure in all regions of the country, but the most difficult situation is in the northern and central regions,” reads the report of Ukrenergo.

The Office of the President of Ukraine reported that the situation with the energy sector is critical.

“The situation in the capital is extremely difficult, special schedules of emergency shutdowns are introduced. Ukrenergo had to initiate emergency power outages to balance the power system and avoid equipment accidents,” wrote Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

The power outages in Moldova are also reported.

According to the power grid operator Moldelectrica, the supply of electricity from Romania to Moldova was cut off around 4:40 p.m.

According to the online data on the company’s website, the high-voltage line Isaccea — Vulcănești — Cuciurgan power station ceased to function. This is the main transmission line through which Moldova imported electricity from Romania.

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko said that the massive missile attack aftermath will also affect Ukraine’s neighboring countries.

“Strikes are occurring throughout the Ukrainian energy system: both at generation facilities and at the electricity transmission system,” he wrote.

Air Defense Ukraine War with Russia