Modern weapons for Ukraine from Sweden – the government to make a decision soon

Modern weapons for Ukraine from Sweden – the government to make a decision soon

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The Swedish government will soon decide on the supply of more modern weapons to Ukraine.

This was announced by Pål Jonson, Swedish Defense Minister, writes TT.

“We intend to return as soon as possible with further support for Ukraine – both political, financial and military, which includes the transfer of more modern weapons systems,” he said after a meeting of the European Union Council on Friday.

The head of the Swedish defense department refused to specify which systems are in question. However, at the end of the summer, Sweden officially agreed to consider providing Ukraine with Archer self-propelled artillery systems and RBS 70 portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

155-мм артилерійська установка “Archer” від BAE Systems. 2010 рік. Фото: BAE Systems

The Minister noted that the Swedish Armed Forces had prepared an exhaustive document regarding training, changes in defense equipment, thus also creating a prerequisite for expanding Swedish support related to the training of the Ukrainian military.

“We’ll be back soon with information on this, but it’s urgent and of course important that we can support Ukraine,” Pål Jonson said.

Sweden is currently involved in training the Ukrainian military in the UK, and the country’s government is considering continuing this next year, as well as contributing to the EU training mission.

Sweden has reportedly handed over defence equipment to Ukraine as part of seven different military aid packages.

The sixth package consisted of training activities. Now Swedish instructors conduct basic training of the Ukrainian military in the UK.

The seventh Swedish military support package consisted of artillery ammunition worth approximately SEK 500 million.

Sweden has also previously sent anti-tank missiles and other anti-tank weapons, mine clearance equipment, machine guns, Robot 17 portable short-range anti-ship missile systems, bulletproof vests and field rations, among others.

Шведський протикорабельний комплекс RBS-17. Фото: ЗМІ Швеції

On October 25, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Office of Military Property submitted a report to the government on how Sweden could militarily support Ukraine in the short and long term. The new government promised to develop a long-term program of support for Ukraine both militarily and in the reconstruction of the country. The government said in a statement that Sweden will send Ukraine more modern weapons systems.

Europe Military assistance Sweden Ukraine War with Russia World