Moldova received a batch of military aid from Romania

Moldova received a batch of military aid from Romania

Military assistance Moldova Romania World

Romania handed over a batch of military assistance to the Armed Forces of Moldova.

The Ministry of Defense of Romania reported this.

The transfer of aid took place on August 7, during the meeting of the Defense Ministers of Moldova and Romania in Chișinău.

During the official visit on Monday, Anatolie Nosatîi and Angel Tîlvăr discussed bilateral relations and cooperation in the defense field.

In addition, the talks included a discussion of the assistance provided by the Romanian government amid the modernization of the national military of the Republic of Moldova, as well as regional security and other topics of common interest to both countries.

During the meeting, the officials also participated in the ceremony of the Moldovan Armed Forces receiving Romanian military aid.

This security assistance package includes personal protective equipment, namely Kevlar helmets and body armor, as well as SUVs.

Ast the beginning of June, Poland transferred a large batch of weapons, ammunition, and gear to equip the Moldovan police. The volume of the transferred cargo fit into six transport planes: two Hercules and four CASAs.

Assistance for Chișinău was provided amid the attempts of the pro-Russian forces to destabilize the country internally.

Moreover, on May 31, the first batch of equipment from the EU, provided by the European Peace Facility for the Moldovan military, arrived in Moldova. This €7 million aid package included drones, laptops, explosive ordnance disposal equipment, ultrasound equipment, and more.

By the end of the year, as part of this assistance, Moldova will also receive ambulances, sapper robots, metal detectors, radars, vehicles, and medical equipment.

Бронетранспортери Piranha IIIH Збройних сил Молдови. Січень 2023. Молдова. Фото: Міноборони Молдови

At the beginning of this year, the Moldovan military received 19 Piranha armored personnel carriers from Germany. The equipment arrived as part of the modernization of the capabilities of the national military and on the basis of an agreement signed between Moldova and Germany in October 2021.

Military assistance Moldova Romania World