Moldovan National Army readies to start military exercises at country’s all training grounds

Moldovan National Army readies to start military exercises at country’s all training grounds

Moldova Neighbor nations Training

From January 24 to February 4, tactical exercises will be held in Moldova, in which more than 400 military personnel will take part.

The Ministry of Defense of Moldova reported about this.

The exercises are planned with the involvement of equipment that is in service with the army of Moldova.

All training grounds in the country will be used for the exercises.

Відкриття навчання "Вогневий щит 2022" в Молдові, вересень 2022 Фото Міністерство оборони Молдови

The purpose of the exercises is to assess the capabilities and practical skills of all military personnel – conscripts and contractors.

According to the training scenario, the military must perform various tasks in the use of equipment, provide first aid and practice actions in the conditions of a chemical attack.

It is emphasized that coordination is part of the military training plan in 2023 and is not related to the situation in Ukraine.

As previously reported, on January 12, the Moldovan army received 19 Piranha IIIH armored personnel carriers from Germany.

Бронетранспортери Piranha IIIH Збройних сил Молдови. Січень 2023. Молдова. Фото: Міноборони Молдови

Previously, Moldovan authorities have repeatedly stated that they would like to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities and, in this view, to purchase the necessary weapons and military equipment.

In addition, at the end of December 2022, Anatolie Nosatîi, the Minister of Defense of the country, announced that in 2023, Moldova’s defense expenditures would increase by 650 million lei, or approximately 68.2%.

Additional funds are planned to be spent on air defense systems.

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Moldova Neighbor nations Training