NAFO Members Hand Over 16 Vehicles and 180 Drones to Ukrainian Defense Forces

NAFO Members Hand Over 16 Vehicles and 180 Drones to Ukrainian Defense Forces

Europe Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia

The North Atlantic Fella Organization (NAFO) handed over to the Ukrainian Defense Forces 25th assistance batch, the total cost of which is $500,000.

This is stated in the “69th Sniffing Brigade” volunteer organization’s message.

Volunteers delivered to Ukraine and handed over 16 vehicles and more than 180 drones for various purposes to the military.

The soldiers of the 61st, 60th, and 92nd Mechanized Brigades, the 5th Slobozhansk Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, the 36th Marine Brigade, the 25th Airborne Brigade, the 82nd Air Assault Brigade, and the 3rd Assault Brigade received part of this assistance.

The other part went to the Special Operations Forces, Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, K-2 Battalion of the 54th Mechanized Brigade, 415th Rifle Battalion, 503rd Separate Battalion, 92nd Battalion, 128th Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces, and one of the artillery battalions.

“Huge respect to all donors! Thank you for donating, thank you for supporting. We also want to thank all our subscribers, everyone who watches and likes our videos. Without you, none of this would be possible!” the community said.

It is known that during the “Freedom Convoys” of the NAFO community, 297 vehicles, 38 generators, 146 drones, 215 FPV drones, and 29 portable electronic weapons were transferred for the needs of the Defense Forces.

Recall that recently, benefactors from Lithuania raised more than €8 million for equipment for the Ukrainian military.

In total, the organizers managed to collect €8.288 million, for which 1,115 kits for the Ukrainian military will be purchased and delivered to Ukraine. The total cost of each set is about €7,500 and consists of a night vision monocular, a laser sight, and an individual anti-drone complex.

All transferred equipment will be manufactured by the Lithuanian companies Brolis Semiconductors and NT Service.

NAFO`s 69th Sniffing Brigade

Volunteers from the “69th Sniffing Brigade” are members of the NAFO internet community, which has become a true internet phenomenon in modern history. Part of the organization is based in Estonia, the other – in Ukraine, on the basis of the Kyiv startup Hub “99.”

Since its inception, volunteers have raised a total of €5.3 million. Cars are searched and bought all over Europe, after which they are given a technical inspection and painted in camouflage.

Europe Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia