New NASAMS systems enter combat duty – Zelensky

New NASAMS systems enter combat duty – Zelensky

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New NASAMS air defense systems have been put on combat duty as part of Ukraine’s air defense reinforcement ahead of winter.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced this on his official Telegram page.

During the review of the report, the President of Ukraine emphasized that, in addition to the transfer of ammunition and equipment, new NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems had been put on combat duty over the 24 hours.

Ukraine received these systems from its Western partners, who are currently allocating funds for the purchase and transfer of anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine to strengthen its air defense capabilities ahead of the cold season.

In addition to the NASAMS systems themselves, Ukraine actively receives AIM-120 missiles from the United States and other NATO countries, which are used by these systems. The most common versions of these missiles are AIM-120B and AIM-120C.

These missiles in the air forces of some countries are currently being replaced by more modern versions so that countries can organize their uninterrupted transfer to Ukraine.

The latest military aid package from the United States announced on November 3, 2023, notes the transfer of an additional amount of this ammunition. The exact number of missiles ready for transmission is not reported.

In addition to NASAMS systems, Ukraine should receive other fixed air defense systems. One of these systems will be the Terrahawk Paladin.

On October 11, 2023, the Government of the United Kingdom announced the transfer of Terrahawk Paladin anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine to provide close air defense from drones.

The system is characterized by complete autonomy, as well as the availability of appropriate sensors and systems for searching, detecting, capturing, and destroying air, land, and sea targets at short range.

A gun is used to destroy targets, the caliber of which can be changed at the request of the customer. As standard, the unit is equipped with a 30-mm Mark 44 Bushmaster II gun with a possible increase in caliber to 40 mm.

In addition, in early autumn, the German government announced a large package of military assistance worth EUR 1 billion, which will be aimed at strengthening the air defense of Ukraine in the run-up to winter.

It should include Patriot, IRIS-T, and Gepard air defense systems to protect Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.

Air Defense Europe NASAMS SAM Ukraine War with Russia World