New video emerges of the damage to the Ivan Khurs ship

New video emerges of the damage to the Ivan Khurs ship

Black Sea Fleet Reconnaissance Russia Russian Armed Forces USV

A new video of the destruction of the Russian Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship has appeared on the Internet, showing the detonation of one of the unmanned surface vessels.

The video was published by the Ukrainian Pravda on its social media with reference to its own sources among the military.

The published video, shot from the opposite angle on the starboard side of the ship, shows that the ship was likely damaged by one of the unmanned surface vessels.

Despite the poor quality of the video, the flash from the detonation of one of the kamikaze drones can be seen, with the epicenter of the explosion falling in the stern area on the left side.

The published video does not allow for accurate assessment of the possible damage to the reconnaissance vessel, but it allows us to look at the incident from a different angle.

On May 25, a video taken from the onboard camera of an unmanned surface vessel was released on social media. It shows how the vessel breaks through dense fire and hits the stern of the ship, however, at the moment of collision, the video is cut off, so it is unknown whether the warhead of the unmanned surface vessel detonated. The new video can serve a confirmation of the successful completion of the mission.

On May 24, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a statement about the attack on the Ivan Khurs ship and the successful interception of all unmanned surface vessels.

However, the very next day, May 25, footage appeared online showing at least one unmanned surface vessel breaking through the ship’s defenses and hitting its side. The video caused a stir in society and led to a wave of “fake” videos with an intact ship on a raid or when entering a port, which actually turned out to be the footage from past years.

Today, on May 26, the Russian media published a video featuring the entry into the Sevastopol Bay of the project 18280 ship, which, allegedly, is the Ivan Khurs ship.

Also, the left side of the reconnaissance vessel is not visible on the video, though the angle of list is not noticeable either, which could indicate that some of the compartments were flooded. The ship moved to the port under its own power.

It is hardly possible to determine whether the ship in both videos is the same vessel. Also, there is no verified information about the shooting date. On board the ship, all identification marks are painted, which makes it impossible to identify the vessel among those of the same project.

The practice of painting names has already become traditional for the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the conditions of the war against Ukraine on the Black Sea. Such manipulations with the painting of ship numbers and names are supposedly used by the Russian military to mislead observers and mask the movements of ships of their own fleet.

Black Sea Fleet Reconnaissance Russia Russian Armed Forces USV