North Korea has denied supplying its weapons to the Russian Federation

North Korea has denied supplying its weapons to the Russian Federation

Ammunition North Korea (DPRK) Russia War with Russia World

North Korea says it has never sold weapons to Russia and has no plans to do so.

This is how Pyongyang is trying to refute accusations of arms trade between the two countries.

The Deputy General Director of the Main Directorate of the North Korea Ministry of Defense Technology released a press statement.

The text reads:

“Recently, the US and other hostile powers have been talking about “violating the resolution” of the UN Security Council by spreading “rumors of arms deals” between the DPRK and Russia.

We have never before exported weapons or ammunition to Russia, and we do not plan to export them,” stressed the Ministry of Defense of North Korea.

At the beginning of September, American media, citing intelligence sources, reported that Russia is purchasing millions of ammunition rounds from North Korea (DPRK).

This includes artillery rounds and short-range missiles.

The US government assesses that these actions of Russia point to the effectiveness of sanctions imposed against the aggressor state since now the Russian Federation is forced to rely only on the rogue countries for cooperation.

When assessing the agreement with the DPRK, an American official claimed that this is a sign that Russia is unable to produce even the simplest military products in sufficient quantities.

The journalists also noted that US intelligence recorded the Russian attempts to purchase weapons from the DPRK only a few days after the Iranian drones were delivered to Russia.

Міграційний центр «Сахарово». Фото: ЗМІ РФ

Moscow authorities are deploying full-fledged infrastructure to hire foreign citizens for military service.

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Ammunition North Korea (DPRK) Russia War with Russia World
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