Norway supports the training of Ukrainian F-16 personnel

Norway supports the training of Ukrainian F-16 personnel

Air Force of Ukraine Aviation Norway Training Ukraine

Norway supports the training of Ukrainian pilots and personnel on F-16 fighter jets.

Bjørn Arild Gram, Minister of Defense of Norway, shared this in a comment to the public broadcaster NRK.

According to Gram, the Norwegian government feels “positive about the initiative”.

“Norway will consider various ways to contribute to the instruction and training of Ukrainian personnel on the F-16,” Gram said.

In February, Norway’s parliament approved a multi-year assistance program for Ukraine worth NOK 75 billion ($7.3 billion).

Президент України Володимир Зеленський та міністр оборони Норвегії Бйорн Арільд Грам. Березень 2023. Україна. Кадр з відео Офісу Президента

In May, the country confirmed the delivery of three Arthur radars and up to eight long-range multiple-launch rocket systems to Ukraine.

After a meeting between US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on May 21, it was announced that Biden discussed the United States support for joint efforts with allies and partners to train Ukrainian pilots to fly fourth-generation fighter jets such as the F-16.

The British government announced on May 15 that it would start training Ukrainian pilots in the summer. This was the first officially announced training program for Ukrainian pilots on Western fighter jets.

Ukraine and Norway, in general, have achieved “extremely powerful relations” in many areas.

This also regards weapons, as thanks to Norway, Ukraine has strengthened air defense and artillery, as well as other types of troops.

In March of this year, Ukraine and Norway started discussing a training mission for Ukrainian pilots.

Previously, in 2021, the Ministry of Defense of Norway decided to decommission all 57 F-16AM/BM Fighting Falcon fighter jets that are part of the Luftforsvaret (Royal Norwegian Air Force).

Air Force of Ukraine Aviation Norway Training Ukraine