Officially: Lithuania and Latvia will provide Ukraine with Stinger MANPADS

Officially: Lithuania and Latvia will provide Ukraine with Stinger MANPADS

Baltic States Cooperation MANPADS Stinger Ukraine World

Lithuania and Latvia will provide Ukraine with American-made Stinger man-portable air-defense system.

Reported by the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

It also pointed that from Estonia to Ukraine will arrive Javelin anti-tank system.

Yesterday we wrote that United States approved permission for the Baltic countries to supply American weapons to Ukraine.

“Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia stand for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the conditions of continued Russian aggression – the Baltic countries will continue to support Ukraine not only by diplomatic and political means, but also by strengthening Ukraine’s own defense capability,” the Lithuanian defense ministry wrote.

The Baltic states and their allies are working together to transfer aid to Ukraine as soon as possible. The exact size of aid is not yet known.

Requests from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have been received by the State Department in recent weeks, in accordance with export control rules, with a request to allow the transfer of American weapons to Ukraine, which they previously received from U.S.

The last of the three requests was approved on Wednesday, January 19 after it was received the night before.

Earlier it was reported that the Baltic States intend to send to Ukraine anti-tank missiles and other weapons. However, an official of the U.S. administration refused to specify a specific weapon that is allowed to be transferred.

Військовий США з ПЗРК FIM-92 Stinger. Фото з відкритих джерел

Also in the coming weeks, the President Biden administration will begin the process of delivering to Ukraine anti-tank missile systems, ammunition and other equipment worth 200 million dollars. This happened against the background of the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Kyiv.

In late December, it became known that Estonia intends to provide Ukraine with anti-tank weapons, Javelin missiles and Finnish 122-millimeter howitzers. Before making the final decision, it was necessary to obtain permission from the country of origin of missiles – the United States, as well as from former owners of howitzers – Finland and Germany.

6 January this year, the Minister of Defense of Latvia said that his country will send weapons and equipment to Ukraine. This happened after a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Latvia Oleksandr Mischenko.

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Baltic States Cooperation MANPADS Stinger Ukraine World