Olaf Scholz proposes creating a new joint air defense system in Europe

Olaf Scholz proposes creating a new joint air defense system in Europe

Air Defense EU Europe Germany War with Russia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz proposed creating a new joint air defense system in the European Union.

Such a system would be less costly and more powerful than if each country created its own air defense.

He said this during a speech at Charles University in Prague, Welt reports.

It foresees the creation of a joint air defense system for Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and partners in Scandinavia.

Олаф Шольц. Фото: ЗМІ Німеччини

The joint air defense project is regarded as a response to Russia’s war against Ukraine. In addition, Scholz said that Germany will invest “significantly” in air defense in the coming years.

He also noted that European countries have “a lot of catching up to do” in air defense.

Scholz noted that all new opportunities can be implemented within NATO. Moreover, funds for investments can come from the already announced €100 billion allocated for the update of the Bundeswehr in the coming years.

IRIS-T for Ukraine

As previously reported, on August 23, German Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Baerbock announced that Ukraine will receive the state-of-the-art IRIS-T air defense system in the coming weeks.

In June, Ukraine signed a contract with the German Diehl Defense for the purchase of the IRIS-T SL air defense systems. The value of the deal is €178 million, and the German government will allocate money for the purchase.

The basis of the air defense system is the IRIS-T (InfraRed Imaging System Tail) missile with infrared guidance, designed on the basis of the air-to-air missile of the same name.

Launchers can have a wheeled (MAN 8×8) or tracked chassis (BvS10 amphibious all-terrain armoured vehicle) and accommodate 4 guides or 8 containers with missiles.

Зенітно-ракетний комплекс Iris-T. Фото з відкритих джерел

There are medium and small radius modifications. IRIS-T SLM allows hitting targets at a distance of up to 40 km, and in the “shorter” version of the SLS – up to 25.

The main sensor of the system is the Australian CEAFAR GBMMR radar with a 3D active phased array radar (APAR). It is also possible to use the German TRML-4D radar (Hensoldt) which allows for the detection of targets at a distance of up to 250 km.

Радіолокаційна станція (РЛС) TRML-4D від Hensoldt

The system was produced in 2014, and Sweden has been the sole operator of the system since 2019. The German government issued a permit for the export of 23 units to Egypt.

Air Defense EU Europe Germany War with Russia