Otokar showcases the ALPAR unmanned ground vehicle

Otokar showcases the ALPAR unmanned ground vehicle

Armored vehicles Turkey UGV

The Turkish company Otokar has presented the new armored vehicles at a press conference held at its factory in Sakarya.

This was reported by SavunmaSanayiST.

ALPAR is a heavy unmanned ground vehicle designed to support infantry and other vehicles in all climatic or weather conditions.

The maximum weight of the UGV is 15 tons, which allows it to be transported by air.

The drone has a hybrid electric drive and can operate silently, its modular design provides for a quick replacement of batteries.

The ALPAR hull accommodates additional drones that can expand the vehicle’s capabilities on the battlefield.

The combat vehicle is armed with a modular turret, which allows for mounting guns of different caliber, as well as use anti-tank missiles.

ALPAR can be controlled remotely and operate in autonomous mode if necessary.

“As Otokar, we are proud to offer an innovative solution for the Turkish defense industry, following technological innovations together with Alpar,” the company’s CEO said.

In addition to the unmanned system, the company presented the COBRA II armored vehicle, ARMA II armored personnel carrier and TULPAR BMP.

At the press conference, the MIZRAK 30 combat module was also presented.

Otokar COBRA II armored vehicles are used by the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Armored vehicles Turkey UGV