Patria introduced a new FAMOUS caterpillar armored personnel carrier

Patria introduced a new FAMOUS caterpillar armored personnel carrier

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Finnish armored vehicle manufacturer Patria introduced a new FAMOUS armored tracked all-terrain platform.

The prototype vehicle debuted in Paris at Eurosatory 2024.

The FAMOUS is the promising armored tracked all-terrain vehicle with wide tracks that should provide good cross-country speed on snowy and marshy terrain.

Judging by the photo, the engine-transmission compartment was moved to the front of the vehicle, which made it possible to free up space in the armored space and increase the number of seats for the squad.

The platform also received a remotely controlled combat module with a heavy machine gun, reminiscent of the Australian R400S RWS from EOS Defence.

The performance characteristics of the armored tracked vehicle are still unknown. However, obviously, its protection, given the purpose of the platform, will be designed only for debris and light infantry weapons.

It is known that the all-terrain platform presented at the exhibition is based on the concept that was formed within the EDIDP FAMOUS programs and the joint development of EDF FAMOUS 2. The aim of the FAMOUS programme is to improve the performance of new and existing armored vehicles with EU support.

“The new system of protected tracked vehicles provides tactical advantage and operational mobility in the harshest weather conditions, soft ground, and extremely difficult terrain conditions,” the presreligue wrote.

And indeed, the new car can become the successor of the Soviet MT-LB widely presented in the Finnish army, the number of which reaches about 400 hundred according to open data.

In addition, the promising platform can also replace the numerous Swedish Bandvagn 308 all-terrain vehicles. Representatives of the company hinted that FAMOUS would be cheaper than these models.

“This new tracked vehicle will be a breakthrough: A modern, cost-effective alternative for traditional articulated vehicles and light tracked vehicles,” Patria noted.

As previously reported, in May of this year, the Finnish defense concern Patria opened a new factory for the production of armored vehicles in Latvia.

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