Pentagon: Russia has problems with resupplying high-precision weapons

Pentagon: Russia has problems with resupplying high-precision weapons

Ammunition Occupants elimination Ukraine War with Russia

The Russian army has problems with resupplying high-precision weapons.

This was announced by an American official of the U.S. Department of Defense at a briefing.

Sanctions against Russia are beginning to damage its defense industry operations, including the production of new weapons.

According to a senior US Department of Defense official, it is challenging for the Russian military to resupply its stocks of high-precision guided munitions.

“We’ve seen they have blown through a lot of their PGMs. In fact, they continue to hit Mariupol with a lot of dumb bombs. And so, they’re having inventory issues with precision-guided munitions and they’re having trouble replacing PGMs.

Російська ракета "Калибр"

We do believe that the sanctions and the export controls, particularly when it comes to components, electronic components have had an effect on the Russian defense industrial base and their ability to restock PGMs.,” the U.S. official said.

According to a Pentagon official, Ukraine has received 13 shipments of weaponry in recent days.

So far, 85 of the 90 M777 howitzers originally planned for transfer, along with 110,000 artillery shells, were delivered to Ukraine from the United States.

The Ukrainian military is also being trained to use American weapons.

Yesterday, on May 9th, U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine.

The document will accelerate the transfer of weapons, equipment, and other critical supplies to Ukraine by reducing bureaucratic processes.

The text of the document refers to granting the President of the United States expanded powers to transfer or lease defense capacities to Ukraine to “protect civilians from Russian military invasion” and other purposes.

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Ammunition Occupants elimination Ukraine War with Russia