Poland to encourage Ukrainians to return home to defend Ukraine

Poland to encourage Ukrainians to return home to defend Ukraine

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Poland will encourage Ukrainians to return home to serve in the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

The website of President Volodymyr Zelenskyi says that this issue was raised at the request of Ukraine.

Some 4.3 million Ukrainians are living in European Union countries as of January, 2024, of whom about 860,000 are adult men, the Eurostat database estimates.

Poland has granted temporary protection status to 950 thousand Ukrainians. This is the second highest number after Germany.

Previously, the Minister of Defense of Poland Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz stated that Poland was ready to help Ukraine to get military-age men back and help in the war against Russia.

“I think many Poles are outraged when they see young Ukrainian men in hotels and cafes, and they hear how much effort we have to make to help Ukraine,” the Polish minister noted.

At the same time, Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jarosław Guzy stated that the Polish authorities did not plan to encourage or prevent Ukrainian refugees from returning to Ukraine.

Guzy noted that his country was interested in Ukrainians, who were very important for the Polish labor market.

Recently, the Ukrainian government banned the sending of foreign passports and passports of Ukrainian citizens abroad. According to the government’s resolution of April 23, men aged 18 to 60 will be able to obtain the documents only in Ukraine.

Громадяни України (цивільні особи). Фото: Pexels.com

Previously, Ukraine called the decision to suspend the provision of consular services a temporary step “due to the need to resolve issues related to the military registration of citizens of mobilization age who are abroad.”

As previously reported, Ukraine signed a security agreement with Poland on July 8. It stipulates that in 2024 Poland will provide Ukraine with several military assistance packages.

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