Polish Ministry of Defense signs a framework agreement on supply of elements for HIMARS and K239 Chunmoo

Polish Ministry of Defense signs a framework agreement on supply of elements for HIMARS and K239 Chunmoo

Artillery MLRS Neighbors Poland USA

The Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has signed a framework agreement between the PGZ-WWR and the Armaments Agency for the supply of elements for American and South Korean MLRS.

The Ministry of Defense of Poland reported about this.

This project is related to the introduction of Polish-made components in the MLRS launchers for the M142 HIMARS (USA) and K239 CHUNMOO (South Korea).

It is noted to be the second largest program being implemented by the Polish defense industry.

The signed agreement will determine the terms and conditions for the conclusion of individual executive contracts related to the introduction of the Polish-made components into armaments.

During the signing ceremony, Mariusz Błaszczak clarified the terms of the contract: Polish industry will manufacture chassis, command and reconnaissance vehicles, as well as communication equipment.

“We want to quickly and effectively strengthen the potential of the Polish Army. According to the contract, the ordered launchers will be manufactured, in particular, in Poland. Chassis components, reconnaissance vehicles, command vehicles, and communication equipment,” he said.

РСЗВ М142 HIMARS військових США. 2021 рік. Фото: U.S. Pacific Fleet

The PGZ-WWR includes, as follows: PGZ SA, Huta Stalowa Wola SA, Jelcz sp. Z o. o., Rosomak SA, Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności №1 SA and PIT-RADWAR SA. Other companies will also participate in the project as subcontractors.

As previously reported, Poland approved a contract for the supply of 288 Korean K239 Chunmoo launchers. The first 18 multiple rocket launchers will arrive in 2023.

Also, more than 200 M142 HIMARS rocket systems will be delivered to Poland by 2030.

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Artillery MLRS Neighbors Poland USA