Poroshenko Unveils Ai-Petri SV EW to Counter Russian Weapons

Poroshenko Unveils Ai-Petri SV EW to Counter Russian Weapons

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MP Petro Poroshenko presented the Ai-Petri SV electronic warfare system and handed over a batch to the Ukrainian military.

The news was posted on his Telegram channel.

The Ai-Petri SV system is a project of a team of Ukrainian engineers that was developed in cooperation with the military specifically to counter modern Russian weapons.

Last November, Poroshenko invested more than UAH 150 million in the development of this project.

“Usually, it takes 3 to 8 years to develop such a system, but we managed it in less than 5 months and are already working on scaling it up, as we have many orders from the military,” he said.

During the presentation, five Ai-Petri SV systems were handed over to the crews of the 18th Technical Intelligence Countermeasures Center. Before being sent to the front, they will have to undergo a lengthy training course in the use of these sophisticated systems.

Ai-Petri SV electronic warfare system

According to the developers, in addition to the basic communication jamming functionality, Ai-Petri SV is capable of detecting the position of a Russian UAV operator, disorienting FPV drones, and even interfering with the Russian guided bombs.

“The first such systems are already operating in the Avdiyivka sector, saving the lives of artillerymen and showing incredible results,” they said.

It is stated that the system consists of an electronic warfare station, a modern radar station, and a counter-drone system. In addition, the system includes pickup trucks, a command and staff vehicle on a truck chassis, secure communications equipment, and an autonomous power supply.

Previously, Poroshenko said that he would be able to counter Russian UAVs at a distance of up to 20 kilometers.

It is worth noting that the video showed an optical device of unknown purpose alongside the usual electronic warfare antenna system. It is pointed in the same direction as the antennas. The latter may indicate that it is a surveillance device or a laser station.

The version about the use of laser emitters capable of blinding the optical devices of Russian drones is partially confirmed by Poroshenko’s quote last year about the new system:

“When I saw <,,,> that this electronic warfare system is capable of blinding Zala and Orlan UAVs, it seemed like a fantasy. But our team believed the developers,” Petro Poroshenko said.

Невідомий оптичний пристрій комплексу "Ай-Петрі СВ", квітень 2024 року.

According to Poroshenko, research and development of this equipment have been underway for a long time. The project is carried out by one of the classified companies of the Ukrainian defense industry, which has been producing electronic warfare systems since 2014.

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