Prisoner exchange. Ukraine freed 10 servicemen from captivity

Prisoner exchange. Ukraine freed 10 servicemen from captivity

POW Ukraine War with Russia

Ukraine conducted another exchange of prisoners. Ten Ukrainian servicemen were returned home, among them one officer and nine privates and sergeants.

The fact of exchange was informed by Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

“Released soldiers serve, in particular, in the 60th, 57th, 28th brigades and in various military units. The oldest freed serviceman is 55 years old, and the youngest is 21,” reads the organization’s post.

Ukraine also took the body of the deceased US citizen Joshua Jones, who fought as part of the International Legion of Ukraine and died in Donetsk region on August 23, 2022.

It was emphasized that the work on carrying out further exchanges is ongoing.

As previously reported, on October 17, Ukraine conducted a large-scale prisoner swap. 108 women returned home.

On October 13, Ukraine conducted an exchange of prisoners due to which 20 defenders — soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense Forces, National Guard of Ukraine and Naval Forces — were returned to Ukraine.

On October 11, 32 defenders were returned home: three officers, 28 soldiers and one sailor.

As of October 2, Ukraine has returned 808 people from Russian captivity.

POW Ukraine War with Russia