RC-135W and E-8C reconnaissance aircrafts flew over Ukraine

RC-135W and E-8C reconnaissance aircrafts flew over Ukraine

Intelligence RC-135 Ukraine - USA US Air Force

A pair of reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W and E-8C of the United States Air Force simultaneously conducted reconnaissance over Ukraine.

Reported by Militarnyi.

On January 5, the reconnaissance work of the RC-135W and Boeing E-8C aircraft was recorded in the sky over Ukraine.

A US RC-135W takeoff from the Mildenhall airbase. Boeing E-8C arrived in Ukraine after takeoff from Zweibrücken Air Base, Germany.

In recent months, allied aviation have increased similar flights over Ukraine.

Польоти розвідників США над Україною 5 січня 2022 року

At the end of 2021, reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 and E-8C from Royal Air Force and US Air Force also simultaneously flew over Ukraine and conducted reconnaissance.

The RAF RC-135 reconnaissance plane headed through Ukraine to the Black Sea to monitor the occupied Crimea.

On December 28, the United States sent to Ukraine for the first time E-8C Joint STARS aircraft, to monitor Donbas.

E-8C Joint STARS. Фото з відкритих джерел

The Boeing RC-135 is a family of large reconnaissance aircraft used by the United States Air Force and UK Royal Air Force to collect process and transmit intelligence information.

E-8C Joint STARS is designed to track and control the combat management of ground forces.

Previously, in the airspace of Ukraine, conducted reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles RQ-4B Global Hawk of the US Air Force. In April 2021, two strategic UAVs RQ-4B Global Hawk were flying near Russia-occupied Ukrainian Crimea.

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Intelligence RC-135 Ukraine - USA US Air Force