Rheinmetall and Lockheed Martin unveil new GMARS MRL system

Rheinmetall and Lockheed Martin unveil new GMARS MRL system

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German Rheinmetall and American Lockheed Martin presented a new joint missile artillery system GMARS on the wheel chassis.

The debut of the system took place at the Eurosatory 2024 international defense exhibition in Paris.

The companies joined forces in 2023 to develop a new system as a response to increasing demand for long-range rocket artillery.

According to the developers, the new GMARS (Global Mobile Artillery Rocket System) is capable of working around the clock in any weather.

The rotary two-unit launcher is mounted on a German-made Rheinmetall HX 8×8 army truck.

GMARS is equipped with two blocks of 6 rockets in each or one or two tactical ballistic missiles, depending on the type, as on the American M270 MLRS.

The launcher is capable of firing all MLRS (MFOM) family ammunition to achieve long range and high accuracy.

The GMLRS family includes conventional and extended-range high-precision rockets and ATACMS or the latest American PrSM ballistic missiles.

The ability to use all this range of ammunition ensures the destruction of targets with GMARS at a distance of up to 400+ km.

And thanks to the built-in crane for loading ammunition, the new system is completely autonomous.

Also, the high compatibility of components with the M270/HIMARS rocket launcher and Rheinmetall HX truck facilitates training and logistics, as well as improves compatibility with NATO countries that are armed with M270 and HIMARS.

As previously reported, Lockheed Martin offers the Polish defense industry to establish the production of rockets for HIMARS.

Europe Germany MLRS Rheinmetall World