Rifles, ammunition, radars: Germany transfers assistance package to Ukraine

Rifles, ammunition, radars: Germany transfers assistance package to Ukraine

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The German government announces a new military aid package for Ukraine.

In particular, it contains ammunition, the previously committed Patriot air defense system, and air surveillance radars.

The complete list was published on the evening of July 8 on the official website of the German government.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces received:

  • – the third PATRIOT air defense system with spare parts and PATRIOT missiles (this transfer had already been previously officially confirmed);
  • – ammunition for LEOPARD 1 main battle tank;
  • – 2 TRML-4D air surveillance radars;
  • – 9,000 rounds ammunition for GEPARD self-propelled anti-aircraft guns;
  • – 55,000 155-mm artillery rounds;
  • – 58,000 40 mm ammunition;
  • – 93,000 smoke grenades;
  • – 30 Vector reconnaissance drones;
  • – 200 mobile drone jammers;
  • – 10 unmanned surface vessels;
  • – 1 Bergepanzer 2 armored recovery vehicle with spare parts;
  • – 4 WISENT 1 mine clearing tanks;
  • – 10 armored vehicles;
  • – 2 pickups.

Germany also transferred 150 CR 308 rifles, 10 HLR 338 sniper rifles, 800 MK 556 assault rifles, and 250 MG5 machine guns.

In addition, 39 SatCom satellite communication terminals, 150 night vision goggles, detonators, and detonating cords were delivered.

In June, the State Special Transport Service received a batch of Toyota Land Cruiser 300 GXR vehicles with the support of the German government.

The German company Trasco Bremen, one of the world’s leading suppliers of armored vehicles, supplied the armored off-road vehicles. The SUVs are to ensure the safety of Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service also received a batch of Mercedes Arocs trucks from Germany.

41 vehicles were transferred to combat border guard units that are part of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Implementation of this international technical assistance project was made possible thanks to the German federal government.

Trucks of this type will become the basis of logistics on the front lines of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Europe Germany Military assistance Ukraine World