Roshel weighs making armored vehicles in Poland

Roshel weighs making armored vehicles in Poland

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The Canadian company Roshel is considering launching the production of its armored vehicles in Poland.

Company representatives told Defence24 that Roschel was looking for another location in Europe, in addition to Ukraine, for its facility.

The Canadian company Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles produces, among other things, the Senator family of armored vehicles, which in recent months has become famous for its large deliveries to Ukraine.

The company intends to further invest in its production facilities by opening a plant in Ukraine and looking for an additional location in Europe.

Poland could become such a starting point, which is not ruled out by Roshel CEO Roman Shimonov.

“Poland serves as a crucial gateway for supplies to Ukraine, offering significant logistical advantages. Establishing a production facility in Poland would enhance our ability to meet the needs of our clients while supporting the broader strategic objectives in the region,” Roman Shimonov said.

The company has recently developed a new model of the Senator armored vehicle in the MRAP version. The vehicle is to be presented to the Polish military at the MSPO exhibition.

“Our goal is to deliver a vehicle that sets a new standard in safety, reliability, and versatility for our clients,” Roman Shimonov said.

In June, it became known that Roshel planned to invest tens of millions of dollars in the construction of a plant in Ukraine. The plant will be focused on both the Ukrainian and European markets.

Бронемашини Senator APC компанії Roshel Defence Solutions українських прикордонників. Грудень 2022. Україна. Фото: "Суспільне"

The company’s main product is the Senator armored vehicle, of which 1,140 units have been delivered to the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Ukraine receives these vehicles from partners and also purchases them with its own funds.

The Senator armored vehicle itself is based on a heavy truck from Ford.

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