Russia attacked Ochakiv port with Iranian Shahed-136 UAVs

Russia attacked Ochakiv port with Iranian Shahed-136 UAVs

Aviation Mykolaiv region UAV Ukraine War with Russia

The Russian military used Iranian drones for strikes in the Mykolaiv Region.

The invaders tried to strike with Shahed-136 drones at the infrastructure of the Ochakiv seaport.

The Operational Command “South” reported that after a night attack from the direction of the sea on the Ochakiv port, in the Mykolaiv Region, two attack drones were again sent in the afternoon.

One of the Iranian loitering ammunition was shot down by the air defense of Ukraine.

“One attacked the coastal zone of Ochakiv, the second was destroyed on approach to the target. No one was injured,” the Ukrainian military said.

Уламки іранського безпілотника “Shahed-136” під російським позначенням "Герань-2" з номером "М205" на Миколаївщині. 20.09.2022. Україна. Фото: Збройні Сили України

The photos of the Iranian Shahed-136 drone wreckage were also released on social media. In Ruissia, these drones received the designation “Geran-2” and the hull number “M205.”

“This is a loitering ammunition, weighing 200 kg and having a wingspan of 2.5 meters,” said the Command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On September 8, the US Treasury Department said it had sanctioned Iran’s Safiran Airport Services for coordinating Russian military flights that delivered Iranian drones and related equipment to Russia, as well as Iranian drone companies Paravar Pars, DAMA and Bahrestan Kish.

Іранські баражуючі боєприпаси «Shahed-136». Іран. Фото: ЗМІ Ірану

On September 13, the Russian military used Shahed-136 in the Kupiansk area.

On September 15, these Iranian loitering munitions attacked facilities in the Dnipropetrovsk Region.

Уламки іранського ударного безпілотника «Shahed 136», який у Росії отримав назву «Герань-2», на території України. 13 вересня 2022 року. Україна. Фото: Збройні Сили України

In 2021, a launcher was shown for the first time in Iran on a Shahed 136 multiple launch truck.

Containers with such drones can be easily placed not only on trucks, but also on railway wagons, various ships and other mobile platforms.

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Aviation Mykolaiv region UAV Ukraine War with Russia
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