Russia claims a drone hit a train carrying fuel

Russia claims a drone hit a train carrying fuel

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In the Volgograd region of Russia, a freight train carrying fuel, among other things, derailed at night and caught fire.

Russian Telegram channels report that a drone attack could have possibly caused the incident.

The accident occurred around 1 a.m. local time near the Kotluban station, located in the village of Samofalovka, Gorodyshche district.

Not far from the station is the village of Kotluban, near which there is a military unit 57229/51, which is a large arsenal for the integrated storage of ammunition of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The local railway claims that the incident at night was due to “interference from third parties.”

However, according to Baza, the derailment of the freight train was caused by a drone attack.

The drone allegedly hit one of the fuel tanks, which caused an explosion and a fire, with two tanks burning.

The fuel also spilled onto the railroad tracks and the surrounding area, causing the grass to catch fire. The fire lasted until morning.

In total, nine freight train cars derailed. Emergency services are now in place. Preliminarily, no injuries have been reported.

Last November, a fire broke out at the Russian arsenal near the village of Kotluban.

Eyewitnesses observed a powerful detonation of ammunition for missile and artillery weapons, stored on the territory of the Russian Ministry of Defense’s facility.

The explosions were followed by the release of thick white smoke and other characteristic signs of detonation of the ammunition itself.

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