Russia decommissioned Dmitriy Donskoi submarine

Russia decommissioned Dmitriy Donskoi submarine

Fleet Russia Russian Navy

The Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation has completely decommissioned the ТК-208 Dmitriy Donskoi nuclear submarine and ballistic missile carrier.

This is reported by Russian state media.

It was the last of six Typhoon-class nuclear submarines, the largest submarine ever built.

The ballistic missile submarine with hull number ТК-208 will wait for its disposal at the naval base in Severodvinsk. First, two nuclear reactors will be removed, then the rest of the nuclear power reactor, and then the entire steel structure of the boat will be demolished. The date of dismantling is not yet known.

The Dmitriy Donskoi submarine was the first Project 941 Akula class submarine and was the longest-serving submarine of its type. The long operation lifespan is associated with the conversion of the vessel into a research facility to test the Bulava-M ballistic missiles, designed for the new generation of the Borei 995/995А project submarines.

ТК-208 Dmitriy Donskoi

The ТК-208 Dmitriy Donskoi ballistic missile submarine was the prototype of a series of six Project 941 Akula class (NATO reporting name Typhoon – ed.) submarines. The boat was designed by the Leningrad Rubin Design Bureau under the leadership of Sergei Kovalev.

The design of the Akula class submarines consists of multiple pressure hulls and separate modules located above them, namely command, torpedo, and stern. A set of 20 missile launchers is located between the pressure hulls, without penetrating them.

Підводний човен «Дмитрий Донской» біля причалу

The entire structure is surrounded by an outer hull. This solution made submarines of this type the largest submarine ever built. TK-208 reaches 170 meters in length and 23.3 meters in width. The full displacement is 48,000 tons.

The TK-208 keel was laid on July 17, 1976. The submarine was launched on September 29, 1980, and commissioned on December 29, 1981. After it, five more submarines of this type were constructed. The seventh vessel was in project but was not completed due to financial and political reasons related to the USSR collapse.

In 2002, the ballistic missile submarine underwent modernization in accordance with the Project 941UM to test the Bulava-M ICBM.

Now, after the Dmitriy Donskoi was withdrawn from service, the Belgorod special-purpose submarine, which should become the carrier of Poseidon nuclear torpedoes, will become the largest submarine in the Russian Navy.

Militarnyi previously reported that Russia announced the completion of the first set of Poseidon torpedoes.

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Fleet Russia Russian Navy


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