Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Chronicle of events for 1th of March

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Chronicle of events for 1th of March

Russian aggression Ukraine

Putin’s army is covering Ukrainian cities and villages with artillery and bombing aircraft. Reports of destroyed houses, dead, wounded and rescued from the rubble are coming from Odesa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, other cities and villages.

The situation as of March 1

As of March 1, the number of war crimes against civilians has increased significantly, and even specialized services such as the SES find it difficult to quickly monitor the number of victims. We are trying to inform about the main, most egregious cases of violations of the laws of war, but unfortunately, we cannot track them all.

🩸About 21:00 in Kharkiv was new shelling – probably thermobaric bombs banned by the Geneva Convention. The consequences as of 21:26 are not yet known.

Video: TRUKHA Kharkov + Ukraine

🩸As a result of an air strike on the Kharkiv plant of lifting and transport equipment, the building of the enterprise and the adjacent residential building were destroyed, a Ukrainian Pravda correspondent reports. The number of victims is still unknown, but according to preliminary data, children are among the victims.

Photo: TRUKHA Kharkov + Ukraine

🩸According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at least one person was killed and three were injured in the shelling in the center of Mariupol. Several houses were damaged and the school was destroyed.

PHOTO: Ministry of Internal Affairs

🩸Russian military fired on a TV tower in Kyiv. The SES reports that five people were killed and five others were injured in the shelling.

🩸 The bombing of Kharkiv continues. The shell hit the city hospital number 3 in the Novobavarskyi district, the deputy mayor of Kharkiv reports. At the time of the shelling, there were homeless people in the hospital, who were temporarily housed there, patients and staff were not injured.

🩸 Minister of Veterans Affairs Yulia Laputina said that the rehabilitation center of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs was shelled in Kyiv region.

🩸 According to the SES, a residential building was completely destroyed as a result of the bombing in Kalynivka village in Fastiv district. A woman died, rescuers are looking for another resident of the house.

🩸 The SES reports that a residential building in Kharkiv was damaged as a result of an air strike. At least 8 people were killed and at least 6 were injured.

🩸 Russian troops fired on the center of Kharkiv, Freedom Square in particular, and hit the regional state administration. Another explosion occurred at an intersection near the building where several cars and people were at the time. The exact number of victims is still unknown, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs there are at least ten dead, more than 20 injured.
The video of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can be viewed HERE.

🩸Not far from Kyiv, a shell hit the Adonis maternity hospital. The building was badly damaged, but no one was injured.

The Minister of Defense urges Ukrainians not to believe in the fakes of capitulation

In the nearest future, the occupiers may launch a large-scale information and psychological operation to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people and army.

This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

“Initially, they plan to arrange interruptions in the connection. After that, there will be a lot of fake reports that the Ukrainian military-political leadership seems to have agreed to surrender. “Confirmed” fake videos will be distributed to “support” this fake, as well as fake videos will be mounted, “the head of the Ministry of Defense wrote. Reznikov emphasizes that such reports are lies and Ukraine is not going to capitulate. He also asks to warn the maximum number of people about the provocation.

“We are the Motherland! You protected us! – From whom did I protect? Nobody attacked us, ” Buryat prisoners call in Russia

The Command of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published a recording of a conversation between a captured Buryat Ivan and his relatives in the Russian Federation. The video can be viewed HERE. The full version of it the UAAF promises to publish later.

“Novynarnia” has prepared a text version:

He first says three lines:
“UAAF are always first”;
“Glory to Ukraine”;
“Putin – huilo.”
In the video, a serviceman speaks on the phone with a female person – she is crying.
– I was taken prisoner now… We came here, and they (the leadership of the Russian Federation – N.) deceived us that we came to defend, and we on the contrary – came to kill civilians.
– Vanya, what are you talking about?
– I love you so much.
– And we love you, our dear Vanya. Fuck that army. You come back – and you retire from the army. I’m so fucked up to worry, I love you so much.
– Sorry I went to kill civilians and children.
– You defended your Motherland …
– There is no Motherland. We were all deceived.
– We are the Motherland! You protected us.
– From whom? Nobody attacked us. It is our leadership that is to blame for everything.


Residents of occupied Kupyansk staged a rally and raised Ukrainian flag

In the city of Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region, which Mayor Hennadiy Matsegora handed over to the occupiers, local residents held a rally for Ukraine and raised a blue and yellow Ukrainian flag.

Source: Television “Toronto”

Russian aggression Ukraine