Russian armored personnel carriers destroyed in Oleshky

Russian armored personnel carriers destroyed in Oleshky

Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military is conducting combat operations to destroy Russian forces on the left bank of the Kherson region.

In the Oleshky settlement, the military hit a Russian armored personnel carrier.

The military that attacked Russian armored vehicles was the artillery of the 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, named after Yakov Handziuk.

The Ukrainian reconnaissance drone was adjusting artillery fire, which the Russians’ electronic warfare equipment on the left bank couldn’t suppress.

“We expelled the Russians from Kherson, we are driving them further, over the edge. Artillery of the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade, named after Yakov Handziuk, hit an enemy armored personnel carrier just next to the Oleshky sign,” said the soldiers of the 59th Brigade.

This sign in the footage is installed between the Konka and Chaika rivers near the Oleshky settlement. Oleshky is located 4 km from Kherson.

Місце ураження російського БТР у районі населеного пункту Олешки

The center of the Oleshky town in the Kherson region was occupied in February 2022 at the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

The liberation of the Kinburn spit and Oleshky opens a bridgehead for the further liberation of the left-bank part of the Kherson region.

Recently, information appeared in the media that Oleshky and Kinburn spit were freed from the invaders, but the information is not true.

Олешки на неофіційній мапі бойових дій станом на 13 листопада 2022 року

As of November 15, the invaders remain on the Kinburn spit in the Mykolaiv region, as well as in the Oleshky in the Kherson region.

Oleshky is a very important hub that can significantly distribute the resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Знищений російський БТР у районі населеного пункту Олешки. Листопад 2022. Україна. Кадр з відео 59-ї бригади

The settlement might serve as the launchpad for further liberation of the Kherson region. Exit through the Antonivsky bridge is an opportunity to go through Oleshky not only in the direction of Nova Kakhovka, but also to Kalanchak, Skadovsk or Hola Prystan.

Armed Forces of Ukraine