Russian Bombs Continue to Rain Down in Belgorod Oblast, House Destroyed

Russian Bombs Continue to Rain Down in Belgorod Oblast, House Destroyed

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Russian bombers once again dropped bombs on the territory of a settlement in the Belgorod oblast.

This was reported by the Russian Astra news agency.

On the night of May 12, a Russian air bomb fell on the village of Razumne, located 6 kilometers from Belgorod city. The unexploded ammunition was found in a parking area on Vereskova Street.

According to local information, later, on May 13, at 6:00, another air bomb fell near the site of the first hit.

According to Astra reports, in the past 4 days, 5 additional aircraft bombs of FAB-250 and FAB-500 have landed on the territory of the Belgorod oblast, in addition to those mentioned earlier. In total, since March of this year alone, the publication has counted 32 confirmed instances of air bomb discharges in the region.

Such a number of incidents is attributed to abnormal activations of modified Russian bombs equipped with UMPK kits. Their deployment in this area is linked to the high volume of tactical aircraft missions, with their routes passing through it.

Destruction of a house in Belgorod

Russian bombs have fallen on the city of Belgorod itself on multiple occasions, yet until recently, these incidents did not result in significant destruction or loss of life.

Nevertheless, a day earlier, on May 12, under unknown circumstances, a powerful explosion sounded in Belgorod, “folding” one of the sections of the house.

The video shows that the hit of unknown ammunition occurred on the opposite side of the Russian-Ukrainian border, which excludes the involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Instead, another explanation for the destruction of the entire entrance could be another abnormal ascent of the Russian air bomb.

One more version of the destruction of the building may be the hit of a Russian 5V55/48N6DM anti-aircraft missile of the S-300/S-400 air defense system.

In the released footage from the scene of the incident, locals filmed a fragment of the aerodynamic rudder of an anti-aircraft missile and elements of the fuselage.

It is known that as of the morning of May 13, 17 people were rescued from the rubble at the site of the destroyed house in Belgorod, and another 15 were found dead.

Aviation Aviation armament Aviation incidents Russia Warmate